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About Lollipops

Who Invented Lollipops?

Lollipops first originated as candy on sticks.  Two companies are often cited as the first to invent a lollipop making machine.  In 1908, the Racine Confectioners Machinery Company invented a machine to make 40 lollipops per minute.  In 1916, a Russian immigrant invented a machine to insert sticks into candy.  His name was Samuel Born and the machine was the Born Sucker Machine.  His invention awarded him the keys to the city of San Francisco!

No one really knows who first thought of the idea to put candy on a stick, but the word "lollipop" was invented by a man named George Smith.  Mr. Smith owned a candy company called the Bradley Smith Company and he named the candy on a stick after his favorite race horse named "Lolly Pop".  The lollipop word was trademarked by George Smith in 1931 and it is now a generic word.

How are Gourmet Lollipops Made?

Lollipops have a simple process to make them.  First sugar and corn syrup is heated up to a very high temperature and the mixture becomes supersaturated.  Colors and flavors are then mixed into the batch and it goes into a machine to roll it out and forms the shape and inserts the stick.  Then it is cooled and wrapped.

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