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If there is one thing any home or office needs, its the Gourmet Lollipop Tree!  Replace that plain office candy bowl with a lollipop tree and see how it becomes the new popular kid on the block when everyone comes over to chat by the tree looking for their favorite flavor.  Put a lollipop tree in your reception area of your medical practice and if kids will remember anything, it will be that lollipop tree and want to come back!  

Can't find a gift for the person that already has everything?  I'm pretty sure they don't have a lollipop tree!  It will be one of the most unique and memorable gifts that keeps on giving.  You will have given your friend months of tasty yumminess.  In addition to being tasty, they are cool to look and you'll be remembered every time people ask "That's awesome! Where'd you get that?"

Make Your Own Custom Lollipop Tree

If you rather have a stylish lollipop tree, why not make your own? Make a lollipop tree to match your event theme, room decor, or just to have a really cool candy tree!  Look below for some ideas on how some people make their own custom lollipop tree and visit their website to learn how to make them.

A to Zebra Celebrations shows you how to make a glitter lollipop tree. A real cool item for any party.

This lollipop tree made by Foodie Bride was inspired by a Martha Stewart craft. It is simple to make with simple materials can can be matched to any colors you choose.

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